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 . . or just a second monitor, this software makes it easy to switch between your two monitors as you play. You can easily configure the different boxes, so you can play games side-by-side and take advantage of your larger screen. It is also incredibly easy to manage multiple monitors. One of my favorite features of GamersManager is that you can easily customise your game shortcuts in case you have a lot of apps on your desktop that you don’t want to have in your taskbar. You can use a drag & drop feature to add the game shortcuts to a special panel instead of adding them to the taskbar. Last but not least is the ability to generate statistics on how many hours you’ve spent playing games and getting to know your game statistics. If you are a Twitch or YouTube streamer GamersManager can do some great things for you. You can import the data into Google Sheets which will allow you to have your stats stored in a spreadsheet, and your viewable by anyone. If you’re uploading videos you can also take screenshots of your computer screen and upload them with the streamer links and the comments you receive. You can also get all the data into text files, so you can just open them in Microsoft Word, and take them to a website and copy all of your information into your own website to view and download. This can be a very handy feature for those that are a little more tech savvy, and who enjoy collecting stats on a variety of different aspects of their life. Let’s jump in to some of the features of GamersManager. Check out the screenshot above to get a better idea of the feature set of GamersManager. Accessing your online accounts If you’re like me and you use a lot of different online services, you might struggle to keep them all in order. I can’t remember the last time I logged into Facebook without forgetting to log into Twitter or Reddit. GamersManager allows you to log into all of the services you use by just adding them under the GamersManager section in the options page. You can add accounts by clicking on “Add account” and selecting the service you want to use. Once you have added all your accounts you can start using GamersManager by clicking on the name of your GamersManager account. Getting to know your online




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